Golden Comet Lays an Egg

Posted by on Aug 16, 2011 | 2 comments

Golden Comet Lays an Egg

Okay, it actually could’ve been another chicken breed–we have several out there, but my bet is on the golden comet. Amongst the chicken breeds we have on pasture right now, the golden comet is a cross between two well known egg-layers–the leghorn and the Rhode Island red. With this parentage they are known to produce lots of large eggs and with lightning speed; that is they mature quicker than other breeds. The other breeds we have (barred rocks, speckled sussex, welsummer, delaware, and amerucana) are all great layers, free range foragers (see earlier post on their varied diet). Soon the egg laying will get into high gear and we will offer egg subscriptions with eggs of a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.

A related milestone last week was the delivery of our new chickshaw nesting house. Like the others, this chickshaw is also on wheels, but it also contains nesting boxes for the chickens to lay eggs in. But these are like nesting boxes with a twist. They are sloped. I know it’s kinda like the mad hatter house at the Enchanted Forest, but the great thing is that the eggs magically roll out from the nesting box into a holding bin. Goodbye egg eating chickens…well that’s our hope at least. Not only that, but it also allows the eggs to stay cleaner (read less washing), which produces eggs that stay fresher and taste the best. This is because egg shells are permeable and have a protective coating that is removed when eggs are washed . And the roll-out nesting box allow for easy collection too.

So very soon, in the next 30 days we will have our egg washing station up and running, inspection by the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) for our egg handlers license, packaging and labeling complete and reviewed by WSDA, and enough eggs to start selling them. Step by step we are getting there. And so are the chickens. They love the Scratch and Peck soy-free Layer feed that we give them. What no soy in their feed? Yup, no soy. Why you say. Well soy is becoming a known allergen to many people, and soy beans are also next to impossible to find that are NOT genetically modified. So we avoid the soy and get happy healthy chickens that produce the best tasting eggs ever. I like the eggs, can you tell?

You too will get your chance to begin sampling their eggs. Sign-up for our waitlist and we will let you know when the first egg shares will be available. More info on the rest of the farm offerings is in the works. We will get it out to you soon.

Enjoy these dog days of summer! And get ready for some great eggs!




  1. Do comets eat their own eggs? I have some comets that I bought at a feed store. If you have any information on them your willing to share I would love to hear it. Thanks,
    Edna McCormick

    • Our experience is that any chickens love eggs if they get a chance to eat them. A good rule of thumb is to collect them quickly when they first start laying and then they don’t have the opportunity to form a bad habit.

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