Recipes from the Farm

Beet Cake

Alice and Craig's daughter loves beets. This is the birthday cake she always requests. More.

Chicken with Egg and Sorrel

A very satisfying meal to cook and eat, especially in spring, when our pasture raised chickens are back in the store for the season. This recipe honors and elevates the chicken to its elemental goodness. More.

Chiles Rellenos

This dish is the treat of treats. Using heyday egg whites and our Eagledale Tomme Cheese for stuffing, you can't go wrong. Make refried black beans and homemade salsa and select a nice light beer from south of the border and enter heaven. More.

Egg Rolls

Egg rolls are a fun way to incorporate whatever vegetables are on hand. Need crunch? Early spring pea shoots can be the perfect addition. Ground Heyday pork makes the recipe! More.

Eggs Benedict

I have wonderful memories of my mother making eggs Benedict for a whole host of girls the morning after a slumber party and all of us hungrily enjoying the delicacy. More.


Frittata's are simple to make and very rewarding, a good quick dinner and versatile for whatever is in season and in your fridge. This recipe features cheese, greens and onions. Serve with a salad using our salad greens and crusty bread from Pane d' Amore. More.

Ground Cherry Clafoutis

Good old fashioned deliciousness. If you like bread puddings and custards, this dessert is for you. Simple to make too. More.

Homemade Pasta

Once you have a little practice, it's quick and easy to make your own pasta and with farm eggs, it's hard to go back to dried. More.

Joe’s Special

Dinner? Lunch? Breakfast? This simple preparation will satisfy for any meal or a midnight snack. Serve it up with your favorite kind of toast. As the recipe seems to have originated in San Francisco, sourdough may be the perfect choice. More.