Recipes from the Farm

Baked Potatoes Turned Fried Potatoes

Baked potatoes for dinner with all the fixings make a satisfying and nutritious meal. Then, in the morning, cut up the leftover potatoes and fry them up. Be sure to have some sour cream and Portland hot sauce (green or red) on hand to garnish and spice. More.

BBQ Thanksgiving Turkey

Before we had a heritage farm raised turkey at Thanksgiving, this was our go-to recipe. And for smoky, deep flavor and wow-factor, it's hard to beat. More.

Beet Cake

Alice and Craig's daughter loves beets. This is the birthday cake she always requests. More.

Big Chunk Beef Stew

The only thing that improves this rich and satisfying stew is a loaf of bread for sopping or leave out the potatoes and later add buttery mashed potatoes put right into the center of the bowl. More.

Brown-Bottom Meat Loaf

This is about the best meat loaf ever. It can be altered by adding one of our many kinds of sausages in place of the ground pork. Leftover meatloaf sandwiches. The recipe is a little time consuming, but so good! More.

Brussels Sprouts with Heyday Bacon

Brussels Sprouts are best after a frost--sweet and tasty. Generally the frost comes just in time for Thanksgiving. Cooking anything with bacon elevates it to holiday status. And this is one holiday recipe that is nice and simple. More.