Recipes from the Farm

BBQ Thanksgiving Turkey

Before we had a heritage farm raised turkey at Thanksgiving, this was our go-to recipe. And for smoky, deep flavor and wow-factor, it's hard to beat. More.

Beet Cake

Alice and Craig's daughter loves beets. This is the birthday cake she always requests. More.

Brussels Sprouts with Heyday Bacon

Brussels Sprouts are best after a frost--sweet and tasty. Generally the frost comes just in time for Thanksgiving. Cooking anything with bacon elevates it to holiday status. And this is one holiday recipe that is nice and simple. More.

Collard Greens

This is a wonderful and authentic Southern recipe shared by one of our long-time supporters. Definitely a worthwhile addition to the holiday spread! More.

Crusted Holiday Boston “Butt” Roast

Pork shoulder used to be cut in a particular way and packed in barrels called "butts" in Boston, hence the name of a pork shoulder cut is Boston butt. Serve this dish with roasted beets, carrots or mashed potatoes and a kale salad. More.

Eggs Benedict

I have wonderful memories of my mother making eggs Benedict for a whole host of girls the morning after a slumber party and all of us hungrily enjoying the delicacy. More.

Green Bean Casserole

Late August or early September is the time for getting our fresh green beans and blanching and freezing them for this Thanksgiving green bean casserole. More.