Recipes from the Farm

Chicken Pot Pie

Comforting chicken pot pie made with shredded chicken from our stewing hens, allows you to first make delicious chicken stock and then use the chicken for pot pie. You get a one-pot meal and then the future makings for a flavorful and rich soup. More.

Garlic Soup

When you want a simple soup that goes perfectly with your dandelion green salad, look no further than this savory and creamy garlic dream of a soup. More.

Nana’s Chicken Soup

This simple soup recipe became Alice’s stone soup. Eventually, she knew how to make a good soup with whatever was on hand. More.

Parsnip and Sunchoke Soup

The Jerusalem artichoke is an unsung vegetable with high wow factor in its flavor. This soap celebrates the harvest and is a lovely unique addition to any holiday spread. More.

Sausage Stew

This recipe allows you take our Heyday Italian sausage and turn it into a rich and satisfying stew. More.

Sorrel Soup

A simply delicious soup that can be modified in many ways by adding chicken or taking away meat entirely. Add a little cayenne for kicks. The key is to keep the heart which is focused on the essence of really good food. More.