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Available at the Heyday Farm store

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    Broiler Chickens

    We raise the best, most tender chickens around. Raised on pasture, they truly taste as a chicken should.

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    Stewing Hens

    Our stewing hens are from our laying flock.  We rotate our flocks and when the newer layers come on we offer the popular stewing hens in our store.

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    Cuts of Beef

    Grass fed and pasture raised, our cuts include steaks, hamburger, and roasts.

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    Cuts of Pork

    Grass fed and pasture raised, our cuts include bacon, breakfast sausages, thick cut chops, and roasts.

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    Farm Fresh Eggs

    Our chickens forage on pasture as part of our pasture dance.

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    Creamery Cheese (Seasonal Availability)

    Our Dutch Belted cows and Alpine goats "freshen" in the Spring with the first milk of the season and we create fresh and aged cheeses to savor.

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    Creamery Yogurt (Seasonal Availability)

    Mild and creamy, our cow yogurt is a special treat.

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    Seasonal Vegetables

    Fresh, delicious and healthy, our varieties always depend on the season.

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    Seasonal Fruit

    Our crop includes orchard fruits and a limited supply of anti-oxidant rich spring berries.

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    Seasonal Soups and Hearty Stock

    Our rich chicken stock seasoned with farm vegetables and herbs makes a perfect base for our seasonal soups and for your own home cooking.

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    Raw Honey

    Our honey is golden, pure and silky and generally available for purchase in the late summer or fall.

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    Heyday Shirts

    The best way we know to create a sustainable shirt is to get one at a thrift store and print our logo on it.

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    Heyday Grocery Bag

    Get your fill of groceries at our Farm Store and around town with the Heyday Rooster in tow.